Maintaining a Safe Environment

Click on the link below for information to help parents maintain a Safe Environment for their children.

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Internet Usage Contract

The Internet is a fun and educational resource for children. It can also be a dangerous place. A place where children can come in direct contact with strangers — without parents even knowing. To assist parents below is a link to the Parent Internet Usage Contract. This contract between you and your child(ren) details safe use practices. Please take the time to download, print and review this contract with your child(ren).

Ages 0 – 10:

We should be protecting this group by limiting screen time to no more than one hour per day.  Never leave them alone with the internet. Technology is not a babysitter. Do not give children in this age group a smart phone.  Give them a flip phone like Firefly that has emergency contacts only.

Ages 11-18:

Limit screen time to 2 hours in middle school and 3 hours in high school.  Light from screens over stimulates their brains.  Their brains need a rest.  No technology in the bedroom.  Know your child’s user name and passwords.  Use Covenant Eyes or the like to help you monitor their use. Tell your child that you want to protect him/her.  You would not allow a bad person unlimited access to your children; yet, that is what you are doing by allowing unlimited access on media devices.

Parent Internet Usage Contract

Human Sexuality

Teaching our children about human sexuality is part of a parent’s responsibility. Please click on the link below for available resources.

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Resources are available to support parents and caregivers in discussing the dangers of pornography addiction. Please click on the link below for educational resources.

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