Intervention Specialist – St. Henry District High School

St. Henry District High School is seeking a full-time Intervention Specialist in our Academic Achievement through Intervention, Mentoring, and Support (AAIMS) department for the 2018-2019 school year. Interested candidates should send a resume to David M. Otte at or call 859.525.0255 for more information.  Please see job description below:

Intervention Specialist: Mild -Moderate Certification 9-12 grade

IS teacher will work collaboratively to support the AAIMS students’ learning needs, academic programming, college counseling, and any social/emotional needs that may arise while they attend St. Henry District High School.

Duties include but not limited to:

  • Develop Alternative Learning Plans (ALPs) for each student;
  • Inform teachers of each student’s academic profile and of classroom accommodations described in his/her ALP;
  • Implement ALPs, assess students’ performance, and track their progress;
  • Update ALPs throughout the school year to reflect students’ progress;
  • Teach and mentor students as a class, in small groups, and one-on-one;
  • Monitor and consult with faculty regarding progress or lack thereof on all AAIMS students;
  • Better enable students to assume responsibility for their own education and promote self-advocacy;
  • Provide academic and post-secondary transition advising;
  • Review core content (English, math, and science); and
  • Implement strong study skills.