DPAA — Raising money to raise ministries

By Laura Keener

The Diocesan Parish Annual Appeal (DPAA) began in earnest this week with the parish team orientation workshop and leadership gifts solicitors’ luncheon. Mike Murray, director, Office of Stewardship and Mission Services, held, Thursday, Jan. 18, at Bishop Howard Memorial Auditorium, Covington, the annual DPAA orientation meeting with parish staff. At the meeting parish goals were revealed and the DPAA calendar of important dates was shared (see box). Then on Monday, Jan. 22, Bishop Roger Foys and DPAA chairs, Casey Guilfoyle, general chair, and Matthew Zeck, leadership gifts chair, welcomed a dozen leadership gifts solicitors to a luncheon to share the goals and objectives of this year’s campaign and to distribute for solicitation the names of the top 200 donors to the DPAA.

“Many things in our lives are all about momentum and the DPAA is no different,” said Mr. Zeck. “We would like great momentum going into the kick-off dinners to start building that energy, building that excitement about the task before us this year.”

Mrs. Guilfoyle introduced the DPAA’s theme “Zeal for Your House will Consume Me” (John 2:17) and the goal, $2.5 million.

“I think the theme captures the missionary spirit of what we are about to embark on,” said Mrs. Guilfoyle. “The funds raised from the DPAA truly do support the very mission of this diocese in providing priests and strengthening schools and in all the service ministries it provides. So, I think the DPAA is something we can all embrace with enthusiasm and heartfelt zeal.”

Mrs. Guilfoyle said that the goal of $2.5 million is a lot of money but that “it is a needed goal because it does support the ministries of the diocese.” Last year’s DPAA, she said, raised $3.65 million, well above the diocesan goal of $2.5 million. She reminded the solicitors that all monies collected over goal are returned to parishes in the form of a rebate for parish projects and ministries.

“We have a theme and we have a doable, manageable goal, that’s an important and worthy goal. With that I think we can begin this year’s appeal with zeal and enthusiasm,” she said.

Mr. Zeck shared a comment made by Bishop Foys at the celebration event closing last year’s DPAA: “The DPAA is not about raising money, it is about raising ministry.”

“I remembered that comment, I wrote it down, because I knew I would be using it this year,” he said lightheartedly. Mr. Zeck then affirmed the comment saying, “The DPAA gives us a great opportunity to match those who are willing and able to invest in our ministries to pair with those who are able to serve those in need.”

In his closing remarks Bishop Foys said, “I want to thank each of you very much. This will be a successful year because of your efforts and because we have very generous people in our diocese. The faith is alive and well in the Diocese of Covington.”

DPAA 2018 important dates:

Feb. 20, Kick-off dinner, Prizing House, Cynthiana

Feb. 22, Kick-off dinner, Receptions, Erlanger

March 3–4, Announcement weekend

March 17–18, Commitment weekend

April 14–15, Follow-up weekend