Verification of Good Standing: Short Term Services in the Diocese of Covington of Extern Priests, Deacons, Religious, and Laity

Before contracting the services of an extern (from outside the diocese) priest or deacon, man or woman religious, or lay person for ministry or speaking engagements in the Diocese of Covington, a request for verification of his/her good standing must be submitted to the Chancery. A request must be submitted for every individual event, even if the potential speaker/minister has provided service in the diocese previously. Advertising for an event may not take place until good standing has been verified and clearance given to accept the services of the extern speaker/minister. Clearance to accept the services of a speaker/minister is event-specific and does not carry over to any future events or to any other parishes/institutions.


  1. Complete the appropriate form below for requesting verification of good standing of the potential speaker/minister. The form must be filled out and then signed by a priest of the diocese, the proper authority of an institution, or by his/her delegate. The form should not be given to the speaker/minister for completion.
  1. Send the completed form to the Chancery. Requests should be submitted well in advance, no later than four weeks before the desired date of service. Exceptions to the time limit include funerals and other emergency situations, but a request still must be submitted.

Mail to:

Diocese of Covington
1125 Madison Ave.
Covington KY 41011-3115

Or Fax to:


  1. The Chancery will contact the appropriate authorities to determine the status of the potential speaker/minister.
  1. A letter will be sent from the Chancery to the requesting priest, proper authority, or delegate indicating whether or not clearance has been granted to accept the services of the speaker/minister.

Click below for the appropriate application.

Screening Application – Priests and Deacons (Nov 2015)

Screening Application – Religious (Nov 2015)

Screening Application – Laity (Nov 2015)

Verification of Good Standing Brochure

A new resource is available for parishes, schools and Catholic institutions and organizations — Verification of Good Standing brochure. This brochure, which can be handed to organizers of events, explains the process necessary in obtaining Verification of Good Standing for speakers, musicians and ministers.

The brochure also includes the form that needs to be completed and returned to the Chancery. A first supply of brochures will be sent to all parishes, schools and institutions in August 2019. To order additional brochures use the former below.

Verification of Good Standing brochure request

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