Rev. Mr. Peter Freeman
Assistant Director

Margaret Grady Spears
Administration & Event Coordinator

Marian West
Administrative Assistant

Brad Torline
Diocesan Young Adult Coordinator

Diocesan Board Members

Family Life Ministry
Advisory Board

George Brass
Terri Brass
Margaret Hellmann Bresser
Coleen Brockman
Dale Brockman
Dr. Gene Burchell
Susan Burchell
Ellen Ruehl Chadwick
Holly Graziani Danneman
James Danneman
Ann Marie Dierker
Thomas Dierker
Arica Egan
Dan Egan
Laura Fagin
Sean Fagin
Erwin Felix
Jim Fortner
Julie Fortner
Michael Franxman
Sara Franxman
Betsy Greenwell
Gerry Greenwell
Barry Henry
Cathy Henry
Rev. Baiju Kidaagen, V.C.
Jennifer McKenzie
James Noll
Joan Noll
Ben Thamann
Natalie Thamann
Dr. Mark Zalla

Religious Education
Advisory Board

Sr. Elizabeth Ann Barkett, SJW
Rev. Michael Barth
George Brass
Anita Dunn
Adam Feinauer
Jeff Finke
Katie Hubbart
Chris Newman
Shaunna Noel
Judy Pieper
Teresa Pikar
Bridget Price
Sr. Mary Lynette Shelton, SND
Stephen Snyder

Young Adult Ministry
Advisory Board

Jim Albers
Kathleen Albers
Jonathan Averdick
Julie Bauerle
Jonathan Callahan
Madonna Gieske
Mike Hasselbeck
Rev. Britton Hennessey
Sr. Jean Marie Hoffman, SND
Rev. Ross Kelsch
Connie Kieszek
Madison Light
Drew Long
Sr. Ruth Lubbers, SND
Karen Oberjohn
Maggie Grady Spears
Sr. Lynn Stenken, CDP
Brad Torline
Rev. Andrew Young

Youth Ministry Advisory Board

Rev. Eric Andriot
Claire Bach
Gavin Bonar
Sharon Brown
Amanda Chapman
Sr. Patricia Jean Cushing, SJW
Paul Dierig
Rev. Mr. Gerald Franzen
Michelle Garvey
Sheila Gray
Claire Therese Heyne
Katie Hubbart
Sue Kathman
Tina Klare
Rev. Mr. Lawrence Kleisinger
Mary Kay Laird
Shaunna Noel
Steve Popham
Noah Shaefer
Susan Stewart
Rev. Jacob Straub

Permission slips, releases and other forms

For the safety and protection of participants, many events require participants and/or parents and guardians of youth participants to complete and submit permission and release forms.

The appropriate forms must be submitted to the designated leader of each event.

Not all forms are necessary for every event. Contact the event coordinator to find out which forms will be required.

Click on the form title below to download the form for printing.

Form A: Parental Consent and Liability Waiver with Medical Information

Form B: Adult Consent and Liability Waiver with Medical Information

Form C: Parental Consent and Liability Waiver

Form D: Medical Emergency Form

Form E: Limited Power of Attorney for Health Care

Form F: Driver Information

Form G: Adult Consent and Liability Waiver

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