Care Net implements same day ultrasound services, hopes to save more lives

By David Cooley.

Care Net, a Christ-centered organization whose mission is to educate, support and empower men and women before, during and after an unplanned pregnancy while uplifting the sanctity of human life, has expanded its medical services to include same-day ultrasound appointments. According to Lyndi Zembrodt, executive director, this new initiative may result in 41 percent more lives saved in 2019.

While Care Net began offering ultrasounds at no cost to clients in 2006, they were only able to do so once a week. After adding a second pregnancy service center, they began rotating the weekly ultrasounds between their two medical facilities — Cold Spring and Florence (Care Net also has a third pregnancy service center in Williamstown, but it is not a medical clinic).

“We were offering ultrasounds one day a week in Florence and one day a week in Cold Spring. We were trying to get clients to come in on the days we were open for ultrasounds,” Mrs. Zembrodt said. “What we noticed was that we would have a drop off of clients not returning for their second appointment [to get an ultrasound]. It is crucial that we get them here. Ninety to 98 percent of our clients will choose life for their unborn baby if they make it to Care Net to have an ultrasound.”

Last month, January 2019, Care Net launched the new initiative, offering ultrasounds four days a week — each day they are open. There was a 110 percent increase in the number of ultrasounds they performed this year over last.

“We are attracting more clients because they can get in for a same-day ultrasound. We have revamped our client website, to include a phone number for our 24-hour helpline they can call or they can book their appointment right there online. We have been able to get these women in here immediately,” said Mrs. Zembrodt.

“This initiative has also increased the amount of abortion-minded clients that have come to our clinic — these are women who are seeking abortion information or had tried to schedule an appointment at an abortion facility,” she said. “We have also had an increase in the number of undecided women who are still exploring their options with their pregnancy.”

The reason these clients end up at Care Net, according to Mrs. Zembrodt, is because their website contains information about abortion and so it comes up in their online search.

“We don’t provide referrals for abortion but if they seek us out we are going to be able to provide them with a pregnancy confirmation through ultrasound, which is basically what they are going to need,” she said. “When they come to us at no cost for the ultrasound, we are able to provide them with information about fetal development and a picture of their baby. We work on connecting them with their baby right away. We give them truthful information right then and there.”

Mrs. Zembrodt said that the majority of Care Net’s clients are women who are considered abortion-vulnerable — women who may otherwise want to carry their baby to term but their circumstances, whether it be their job, an unstable relationship with the father of the baby or housing issues, lead them to believe that they are in a position where they can’t choose life.

“We do everything we can think of that we feel will be meaningful for these young people to connect to these babies,” Mrs. Zembrodt said.

“For example, we’ve implemented in the last two years something called ‘MOMentum.’ MOMentum is an application that enables us to send the images of the ultrasound to the client’s phone or e-mail. We give them a physical copy of their picture but we also send it to their phone — we believe that has also increased the number of lives saved because people are so visual. They have their phone with them all the time and if that image is there, where they can see it and save it, it becomes very real to them.”

Mrs. Zembrodt said that they track, to the best of their ability, the final decisions made by the people who come to see them.

“Some of them we may know that they’ve have changed their mind during the ultrasound. We also follow up with a doctor’s report of the ultrasound findings with them, and we also, at that time, would like to know what their decision is in case it is our last contact with them,” she said.

It has taken a giant leap of faith for Care Net to begin offering same-day ultrasounds.

“It is a big deal. We are kind of stepping out in faith that God is going to carry us through this,” Mrs. Zembrodt said. “We are offering a small stipend to medical RNs who want to come onboard at Care Net and train to facilitate ultrasound services in the first and second trimester. We have made this decision and, so far, God has opened the gate for us.”

According to Mrs. Zembrodt, having a place like Care Net and supporting grass root pregnancy care centers is a crucial component of the pro-life movement.

“Laws can change in a minute — we’ve seen that recently with the state of New York — and it’s important to have pregnancy resource centers that are impacting the lives of the people they see on a daily basis. We are changing the culture and having an impact because we are meeting people at a grass roots level and educating them on the sanctity of all human life,” she said.

“Someone can be pro-life until they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and then they may choose abortion. It is important that someone is there on the frontlines that can intercede on behalf of that child, to introduce them to their parents through ultrasound.”

Care Net began operations in July 1999. All services are free and confidential. To find out more visit or


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