Cafeteria Managers

The School Food Services Office of the Diocese of Covington has an immediate opening for a full-time School Cafeteria Manager at St. Therese Elementary School in Southgate ( The School Cafeteria Manager’s primary responsibilities involve overall supervision of the School’s program; managing employees of the program; ordering, receiving, and managing inventory; preparing and serving meals; operating a point-of-sale system; and interacting with school staff, students, and their parents. Previous management experience, especially in food service, is among the desired qualifications, which also include a general knowledge of bookkeeping, as well as interpersonal and organizational skills. Interested individuals may request an application from Stephen Koplyay, SPHR by emailing [email protected]. A brief cover letter or introductory email should accompany the returned completed application, which should include references with contact email addresses and compensation history. Applications may also be faxed to 859/392-1589. EOE


The Diocese of Covington is accepting applications for the full time Curia position of Secretary in the Office of Catechesis and Faith Formation. This office provides leadership and direction to parishes and schools in the broad areas of religious education (both in-school and out-of-school), family life ministry, youth ministry, and young adult ministry. The position of Secretary supports the work of the Co-Directors and the Associate Director. It requires a detail-oriented practicing Roman Catholic with exceptional interpersonal and general office skills and a familiarity with Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel, and Access. Interested individuals are asked to send a cover letter, resume with compensation history, and at least five references with email contacts to Stephen Koplyay, SPHR by email, fax, or mail to [email protected], 859/392-1589, or 1125 Madison Ave., Covington, KY 41011-3115.

Catholic Soup podcast provides spiritual food, comfort to people

By David Cooley.

There is a new podcast broadcasting out of St. Anne Retreat Center, Melbourne, that has been feeding people with theological insights and warming them up to the truth, goodness and beauty of the Catholic Church. Msgr. William Cleves, pastor, Holy Spirit Parish, Newport, and Deacon David Profitt, director, St. Anne Retreat Center, have just wrapped up their 24th episode of “Catholic Soup.” They have many followers and are heard all over the country.

The idea came from Deacon Profitt, who said he always wanted to do a podcast but didn’t want to do one alone.

“I am a firm believer in expanding the way in which we evangelize,” said Deacon Profitt. “When Msgr. Cleves was open to doing the podcast, I felt like it was the perfect combination. We feel like this is a great avenue to reach more people.”

When Deacon Profitt and Msgr. Cleves sit down together on a Monday and hit the record button they don’t know what they are going to say. This is something that they both say keeps it fun and authentic.

“Dave and I have known each other for a while and I think we are kindred spirits. I think this was a meeting of the minds,” said Msgr. Cleves. “I’m the kind of guy that if you put me in front of a class of people I just get energized. I wanted to get involved with the retreat center out here because I saw the potential. It has been my experience that Catholic people have a genuine hunger that is deep and lasting for understanding the faith as adults.”

And that hunger that Msgr. Cleves refers to is where the podcast gets its name.

“It’s catchy,” Deacon Profitt said. “Soup can be meaty, spicy or simple but it’s comfort food. We want to give people comfort; as Msgr. Cleves said, feed them.”

In addition to the Catholic Soup podcast, Msgr. Cleves offers a series of Catholic talks on Mondays at the retreat center called Catholic Café, as well as a philosophy class on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month.

“Dave and I got together and brainstormed what we could do. I would love to get to the point where we see something happening here morning, afternoon and night,” said Msgr. Cleves. “I think we work well together, we understand each other and we have got this passion for seeing the Good News spread as much as possible. We are going to keep doing this for as long as we can.”

Msgr. Cleves and Deacon Profitt said that their topics come from anywhere and everywhere and that they trust the Holy Spirit to guide them.

“It might be something that happened in the news or something in one of our lives,” said Msgr. Cleves.

“I’m usually inspired by something Msgr. Cleves says — it might be something that he mentions in a homily or it might be something that came from casual conversation,” said Deacon Profitt. “A number of times inspiration came from something he said at Catholic Café that get my wheels turning. From there, once we begin talking the Spirit takes over and we just go wherever it leads us.”

Deacon Profitt said that he hopes listeners discover or re-discover the beauty of the Catholic faith and how much peace and joy it can bring into their lives.

“I think we overcomplicate the faith sometimes; we make it inaccessible for people — we get distracted in the thick of thin things,” Deacon Profitt said. “We want people to understand that the truth, goodness and beauty of our Catholic faith is there, we just have to get to it.”

“I think in terms of planting seeds,” said Msgr. Cleves. “St. Paul says that wonderful thing about how he planted a seed, Apollos watered it, and somebody else is going to reap. We are planting seeds out there. Those seeds will grow under the guidance of the Spirit.”

The two hosts are hoping to expand the podcast in the future to include featured guests.

Anyone interested in listening to Catholic Soup can visit the St. Anne Retreat Center website,, or find it on most podcast platforms.

Assistant Editor

The Messenger, the Diocese of Covington’s official weekly newspaper published 44 times per year, seeks a full time Assistant Editor. Candidates must be practicing Roman Catholics in good standing with the Church. The position requires a broad range of abilities, including excellent writing, proofreading, and organizational skills; basic photography skills; a commitment to confidentiality and teamwork; a passion for completing diverse projects accurately, thoroughly, and reliably; and adaptability to interactions with colleagues, other Diocesan employees, and interviewees. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated and imaginative, with a readiness to explore multimedia platforms. In addition to regular office hours, evening and weekend assignments occur regularly and are considered part of the job. Interested candidates may submit a comprehensive resume, compensation history, references including contact email addresses, and writing samples to Stephen Koplyay, SPHR by e-mail, fax, or mail: [email protected], (859) 392-1589, 1125 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY 41011-3115.

Aftercare Assistant – Holy Cross Elementary

Holy Cross Elementary School in Latonia is seeking applications for an Afterschool Program Assistant for the 2019-2020 school year. This is an ideal job for a high school student.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: assistance with homework, and interaction and supervision of children ages kindergarten through eighth grade. Hours are from 2:30-6:00 five days a week with flexibility in the hours.  To apply send resume and references to Principal Lisa Timmerding at [email protected]