Is there an abortion experience in your past? You were certain it was the only answer. You thought: abortion is legal, it must be right. The problem seemed unsolvable. Pressure seemed to come from everywhere, or nowhere. You didn’t know where to turn. It seemed like the sensible thing to do…

How are you today? What does is mean today? Does it affect you today?

We want to help you heal the pain and alienation that a past abortion experience can bring. We want to help you make a second choice: to accept God’s love and forgive yourself.

At Project Rachel, there are people with whom you can talk in confidence about your experience. You will not be condemned for your decision. Our trained volunteers will help you deal with the trauma of your experience, start you on the path to healing and help you to accept God’s forgiveness, your baby’s forgiveness and forgiveness of yourself.

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All calls and emails are confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is project Rachel a program for only Catholics?

No, Project Rachel is for people of all faiths and backgrounds-everyone is welcome.  the program is based on the tenets and teachings of the Catholic faith.  No one will be forced or coerced into changing their beliefs.  The program is designed to help women who have experienced an abortion.

Will I be forced to speak or tell my story in front of others?

No, you will not be forced to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.  The program encourages women to share, but this is not an obligation.  Project Rachel is a safe haven and allows women to experience the healing process at their own pace.

What is the format of the program?

The format is a small group with two leaders and generally the session run 8 weeks, additional time can be taken if needed.

Will my name and privacy be kept confidential?

Yes, Project Rachel overwhelmingly respects the confidentiality of its participants and will respect your utmost privacy in all matters related to the program.  Confidentiality is a key part of the program.

Are women really helped from the program?

Yes, Project Rachel does help women tremendously.  Countless participants have experienced healing and forgiveness they did not think would ever be possible.

How much does the program cost?

The program and ministry is absolutely free of charge to participants.